MekaMon robots

MekaMon is a quadrapedal gaming robot, designed to allow you to experience real life robot battles from your living room, or against virtual enemies using augmented reality. The companion app to MekaMon is available on both iOS and Android.


I joined the MekaMon project at a very early prototyping stage. Within 18 months we took the product from prototype to full-scale production, with limited Apple Store retail exclusivity deal across the US and UK and additional sales direct-to-consumer from our website. For the second major product release, we localised the app into 16 languages and rolled the product out worldwide.

I was a lead developer, responsible for creating engaging experiences alongside the other developers and artists in the team. I helped design and build the app and the foundations of our code base from the ground-up, and was also responsible for creating the underlying Bluetooth LE communications layer on which all in-app robot control was based.

I was also heavily involved in the creation and design of the two primary game modes, Skirmish—a multiplayer battle where players could fight physical robots head-to-head—and AR Skirmish—an augmented reality enhanced battle where players could use their robot against virtual opponents.

Key Technologies

Unity | C# | ARFoundation | ARKit | ARCore | Vuforia | OpenCV | Bluetooth LE